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What makes slots the exciting game it is? The simplicity of its rules, the charm in its design, the suspenseful randomness of its outcomes, and the potential to give instant monetary rewards to its players. In fact, if we were to look back at how this game started, each of these factors had a role in making slots the casino mega-hit it is today.

The general consensus among historians is that slots came into existence in 1887, and Charles Fey, a San Francisco man, was responsible for this historical milestone.

He had come up with a mechanical slot machine consisting of three reels and five symbols. And because of the attributes mentioned above, the game's popularity in the US was like a raging wild fire.

Many people jumped on the bandwagon over the next several decades by introducing more tweaks to the game, including the introduction of new symbols and more reels.

But in 1963, the game had its next major improvement when an electromechanical slot machine game was invented. This particular innovation had a ripple effect within the industry because it became an industry benchmark.

As they say, the rest is history, because with this development, the world had modern slots as we know them today. A couple of years later, the internet ushered in the age of online gambling in the early '90's, and at the center of this universe were games like online slots.

Online Slots Casinos

Slots has moved from the physical world to the virtual world, all thanks to the internet. This industry is now well regulated, and many countries have given online gambling a green light. For this reason, you can play slots online with confidence, especially when real money is involved.

All it takes is some proper research on your part to ensure that the online slots casino you are using is properly licensed and also guaranteed to offer its players safe and reliable services.

These gambling establishments answer to the authorities in all matters, and so you don't have to worry about some government coming after you for playing slots online.

The infrastructural differences aside, the conceptual undertones of the traditional slot games are still evident in the online version of the game. Actually, on some level, brick-and-mortar casinos have started using slot games that are very similar to online slots.

For instance, some physical slot machines now use computer software, while some are networked using modern technology to help offer playing options such as the progressive jackpots.

Many people never tend to think of the relationship between online and offline slots in these terms.

Still, on many levels, online slots have taken things up a notch when it comes to the use of technology when delivering online slots to the masses.

First of all, online slots have fewer limits in terms of reels and symbol combinations. This is because while a physical slot machine has obvious technical limits, an online slot game does not, even if just in theory.

In an online environment, the graphics are much better as well, and the overall cost of maintaining a game much lower.

For this reason, you should not be surprised to find yourself enjoying an online slot game better because of the improved graphics, or even enjoying better odds because the casino can afford to offer its games at much lower costs.

And now, there are hundreds of slot games to pick from. These games have several thematic options and you are more than likely to find a slot game that features a pop culture storyline you absolutely love.

3D Video Slots

If you are looking for state-of-the-art slot games, then you will inevitably find yourself playing 3D slots. This category of slot games is in a class of its own due to the high quality of graphics it has to offer.

If you have played high quality video games, then this is the sort of gameplay experience you should expect when playing 3D video slots.

The similarities between 3D slots and these modern computer games don't end there, however. As mentioned above, modern slot games are able to weave interesting stories into their game play, and you will be sure to remain on the edge of your seat as you explore a candid make-believe universe with a captivating story you cannot get enough of.

The layered thematic content make these games extremely popular, and that's even before you consider the fact that you can win quite a bit of cash along the way.

Online Progressive Slots Jackpots

If you are playing for sheer fun, 3D video slots might be all you need. But if you want the potential for jaw-dropping cash wins, then allow me to tell you about online progressive slots jackpots.

These jackpots are usually worth several million dollars. As with any wins of this sort, the odds are pretty stiff for players of this game. But, this doesn't mean the jackpot is not worth a try.

Today, several top online casinos offer regular jackpot prizes to their customers, and this means you have a lot more chances to win the jackpot prize than ever before in gambling history.

But you will need to have the right approach in your attempt to win the jackpot so that the low odds of winning don't leave you frustrated. I have an article solely dedicated to playing the progressive slot jackpot on this very site.

Mobile Slots

This is another important innovation in slots. Basically, you can now play slots on your phone and tablet. The graphics are just as good as those available to people playing the game using their computers, and the gameplay, more so.

You will typically get such apps from popular app markets such as the Google Play Store or Apple's app market. If you would literally like to take your slot game wherever you go, I highly recommend that you take up mobile slots – trust me, a computer has its portability and usability limits.

Slot Winning Probabilities

Slot has predefined winning possibilities, and it relies on a machine that generates results in a way no one can predict. However, the payouts are usually pretty good, and they could be as high as 98% with many online casinos.

Even so, there are players who still manage to take home large wins either by winning jackpot prizes, emerging top in slots tournaments, or even using superior playing tactics to eliminate the house edge. I am given to understand that some people believe winning with slots is not possible.

So, before you settle for this assumption, look through the guides I have provided below on how to win at slots, and some strategies you can use to make the game more fun and winnable.

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