No Consensus in Californian Online Poker Legalization

September 16th, 2011 by Michael Mills

It seems that there is no consensus yet about the fate of the Californian online poker legalization process. While supporters urge the government to implement a new legislation soon, opponents demand the halting of the process.

This week several online poker legalization supporters like the California Online Poker Association, the brands Morongo and San Manuel as well as various land based poker rooms publicly demanded legislators to finally legalize online poker in the state.

The reason for the urgency according to supporters is the fact that the Californian legislature will soon enter into its final month of activity in 2011, meaning that if a new legislation won't be adopted now, online poker might not become legalized for another year.

The California Online Poker Association claims that the legalization of online poker will be a good method in solving the difficult economic and financial situation of the state. The COPA gave the following statement:

"Unfortunately, nurses, police, fire and services for the poor and disabled will all be cut again if California doesn't find $4 billion in new revenue by December. There is a solution. By approving online poker, California has the ability to tap $250 million in new money immediately and billions in years to come."

On the other hand, opponents of the legalization process argue that the adoption of a new legislation should not be rushed and more time should be invested in discussing this proposal. They claim that delaying the issue to 2012 is the best solution regarding this matter.

Some of the opponents of online poker include also some Native American tribes that fear that if the practice would become legal they would lose a portion of their income that originates from poker and gambling.

The chairman of the California Tribal Business Alliance Robert H. Smith commented the following:

"Even though there have been hearings on the matter of intrastate Internet poker, many fiscal, legal, technical and policy related questions must be resolved before adoption of any intrastate Internet gaming legislation."

It's not sure yet how the Californian Legislature will act in its final month of business in 2011, but given the lack of consensus regarding the matter experts believe that online poker might not become legalized in the state this year.

Michael Mills

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